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The movie business has been through its fair share of digital-age growing pains, but the internet certainly has not killed the movie star. Global connectedness and technological growth have actually bolstered the popularity of the big screen, even as many movie lovers tune-in on the smallest of devices. The $38.3 billion in global box office sales recorded in 2015 represents a 5% year-over-year increase, according to the most recent data available from the Motion Picture Association of America, and on-demand rentals generate billions in additional revenue each year.

At least some of the recent success can be ascribed to movie blogs. No, not the kind of movie website where you can watch shaky recordings of popular flicks and probably download a virus or two in the process. We’re talking about the types of blogs that help you decide what to pay to see and what to skip, those that provide engaging commentary, and those offering an inside look at the business of the big screen. Such blogs provide organic marketing for films and give consumers the confidence to spend their precious funds and free time on movies.

But which movie blog is best? Well, WalletHub’s editors whittled down the field from a list of roughly 150 entrants to the following 20 finalists based aesthetics, content and overall popularity. But the rest is up to you. Find your favorite movie site, submit your vote and tell us why you’re a fan in the Comments section.

Voting will begin at 12 pm ET on Wednesday, Jan. 18 and will run through Wednesday, Feb. 1. You may submit one vote per blog per day. If you would like to share information about the contest on social media, please follow WalletHub on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and use: #WalletHubBest